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About Us

We are a Travel Agent

We specialise in making your holiday dreams become reality

Many people ask 'What is a Travel Agent? Surely I can just book myself online?'

Whilst the answer to the above question is yes, you can book yourself online, you will never get the best deal, the best price, the best options or the be protected if you plan everything yourself.

10 Reasons why you need a Travel Agent

1 We Are Educated and Have Personal Experience
Simply put, we know more than you. We can give you insider tips and advice, using our education and personal experience to guide your holiday decisions in a way that provides you with the best options possible for you and your hard-earned money. We have access to the personal feedback from 1000's of clients, and our own personal travel agent network, to provide insights you simply cannot get on TripAdvisor or other social media sites.

2 We Have Clout
Many of us travel agents develop personal relationships with individuals at the companies we sell. We leverage these relationships to get you things you can’t get on your own. That “sold out” room or the connecting rooms you want for your extended family trip when the online sites say they aren’t available. We also have exclusive entrée to experiences you might not know are available to you.

3 The Fixer
So, in addition to getting you more on your trip, we can also step in and fix things when your trip goes awry. You will book one or two trips a year, generally with different suppliers, so you have little or no leverage when things go wrong. We constantly sell our suppliers products and so have the leverage to fix things even when the supplier isn’t at fault. Our suppliers value our business much more than yours. They will step up to make things right or simply to make sure that traveller, and their travel agent, are happy.

4 Save Money
We have unique access to benefits that can save you a lot of money and provide you with a better experience. Such as free room upgrades that we can get but you can’t. Add in to this hard-to-get restaurant reservations or exclusive access to attractions, added amenities, or something special not available online and you will have a lot more value for your travel money. Ever wonder why the couple in the room next to yours got champagne on arrival and you didn't? They probably used a travel agent.

5 Save Time
How many hours and days have you spent blindly searching the Internet. Why do all that yourself when we can do it for you, at no cost, and in a tenth of the time. You can have your very own expert do the research for you and all with your personal needs in mind. Makes sense doesn't it?

6 Security and Peace of Mind
Things go wrong, it happens. If anything does go wrong during your trip, you can rely on us to assist you whatever time of day or night. We will suggest and arrange alternate travel arrangements for you, help you to deal with any travel emergency you may have, and put you in touch with the right local people to answer your needs. This is all something, whilst you are away, you will really struggle to do yourself and in most cases, we have found, almost impossible.

7 All Thats New
We are on the cutting edge of what's new in ravel. We are the first to know about a new resort, cruise ship, destination, flight changes or tours. We have relationships with all of our travel partners who keep us informed as to the latest and greatest offerings they have.

8 You Pay the Same Anyway!
There is a myth: 'It's cheaper on the Internet'. Well guess what, it isn't. There is a word called 'Parity' and thats what nearly all suppliers offer travel agents, price parity, meaning you pay the same to us as you would pay to them. The only difference is that we are also ABTA Bonded and ATOL Protected for your peace of mind and have an emergency 24/7 Helpline should you need us. So, why not just book with us?

9 We match your needs
If you call a holiday company, they won’t tell you that their competitor is a better fit for you and your travel needs; they will simply try to sell you their product. Since we sell everything, we can focus on your particular needs, particular likes and dislikes and make sure we match the right holiday just for you.

10 An Ongoing Mutually Beneficial Relationship
A good travel agent is like a good mechanic, once you find one, you’ll never want to give them up. Travel will generally be your biggest discretionary spend every year and, along with your limited time, it's important you get it right. When we make that happen, you’ll want us in your 'inner circle' going forward.